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The Gauntlet - Sunday

The Gauntlet - Sunday

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The Proving Grounds Gauntlet is bridging the gap between competition floors and repetitive function fitness races.  Allowing the everyday gym-goers and competitive fitness junkies to compete and test themselves in their own race, side by side.  With a professionally crafted course, it’s unique combination of strength, endurance and hard work provides the ultimate fitness test for gym enthusiasts.


All races are completed in pairs and comprises of your favourite cardio machines, common bodyweight movements and uncommon objects to see how well you can adapt and overcome the unknown.  Some of the tasks will need to be completed by both athletes and others can be split in any way.  


The Gauntlet will last for anywhere between 40 to 60 minutes.  


The Gauntlet is accessible to all, no matter the fitness level.  Teams can consist of both same or mixed sex pairs and will compete in either of the below categories:


PRO – for the experienced racer, heavier weights make for a more challenging experience.


OPEN – take on the standard Gauntlet for a challenging but achievable race for everyone taking part.


We believe in making the Gauntlet desirable for anyone who wants to take part in it. We also believe you should be rewarded for your efforts! Every single challenger who completes the Gauntlet will be entered in to a prize draw to win some amazing prize that are well worth the effort!  


Are you brave enough to become a challenger and take on the Gauntlet??

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