About The Gauntlet 2023

Today, Proving Grounds UK, Scotland’s very own leading functional fitness competition, has announced an all new race that is aimed to be accessible for entrants of all levels.

Functional fitness competitions are definitely having a moment, from Hyrox to ATHX, and the competitive sport arena has been flooding social media feeds more and more over the past few years with competitions such as Hyrox gaining participation, column inches and awareness across the globe.

Proving Grounds was established five years ago by leading Scottish CrossFit competitors and gym entrepreneurs Alastair Mackinnon and Simon Thomson, both of whom have successfully competed and won several regional and national functional fitness competitions themselves.

This year on the 21st and 22nd of October, the Proving Grounds UK competition is expanding to host a 2-day event at the SEC arena in Glasgow. Offering a carefully curated and respected fitness competition for all levels of athletes from everyday fitness enthusiasts to intermediates and elite competitors.

This year for the first time, Proving Grounds will be offering a new race - The Gauntlet - which will bridge the gap between competition floors and repetitive functional fitness races. The Gauntlet will allow everyday gym-goers to compete and test themselves in their own race. With a professionally designed course, the Gauntlet offers a unique combination of strength, endurance and hard work that provides the ultimate fitness test for gym enthusiasts.

All races are completed in pairs and involves a course that incorporates cardio machines, common bodyweight movements and uncommon objects to see how well entrants can adapt and overcome the unknown.

The Gauntlet is accessible to all entrants no matter their fitness level and teams can consist of both same or mixed sex pairs.

However there is a PRO version of The Gauntlet available for those who want to really put their fitness to the test!

Commenting on the new Gauntlet course co founder Simon Thomson said :

“Proving Grounds has gone from strength to strength over the past five years and we are extremely excited to be able to significantly scale up the competition by hosting the 2023 event at the SEC. We know that functional fitness is no longer for the elite fitness community and several of our own gym members and peers have expressed a desire to test themselves at a high level without the pressure of competition with elite athletes - that's where The Gauntlet steps in.

It should take around 40-60 minutes for competitors to complete, regardless of their fitness level making it the perfect entry level course that will still challenge those who enter.”

For more info on The Gauntlet and The Proving Grounds Competition visit provinggroundsuk.com or stay up to date with all things @oficialgauntletuk