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It takes an army to make this event come to life. We are always blown away by how hard working and energetic our volunteers are, in helping us make Proving Grounds what it is. If you would like to be part of the team, then please fill out your details below – letting us know of any prior experience, and any roles that you think would be suited to you.

Roles available:
Judges – We pride ourselves in having high judging standards to make the competition fair to everyone. Although we would prefer you to have prior judging experience, it isn’t essential.
Athlete relations - Those in this group will handle responsibilities in areas such as: Athlete Check-in, security, greeters, score runners, athlete callers etc
Media/Broadcast - Work as a part of the video, photo, social media or broadcast team. This team requires previous experience in a media related field.

Kit handlers (The grafters!) - Those in this group can expect physical elements, including moving all things kit and alike through-out the day. This is a very crucial role in ensuring Proving Grounds runs smoothly and, most importantly, on time!